2023 Price Predictions: Metacade and Avalanche Start Off Strong in 2023

With all of the crypto investment community hopeful that we have reached a point where the bottom of the brutal bear market is behind us, investors are quickly determining where the opportunities might lie for the biggest returns of the year.

A small number of well-established projects have shown some impressive signs already this year, such as the performance of layer-1 challenger Avalanche. In spite of the current market insecurity, the Avalanche price prediction has remained positive. There is a greater deal of focus on an early-stage project called Metacade, however, which looks to be many experts’ top pick for projects with the greatest chance of posting eye-watering gains this year. 

Metacade looks to be a big chance for huge gains

Metacade has set the investment world alight, with the huge opportunity the project is currently offering for those looking at the presale. The platform already raised a mind-blowing $5m in just the first 10 weeks and shows no sign of slowing down, as the total raised now has shot up to a staggering $7m since then.

The comprehensive plans laid out by Metacade’s team have many believing the project could position itself at the heart of a burgeoning GameFi sector, and with its native MCADE token providing critical utility, the expected surge in user numbers throughout 2023 could see an astronomical increase in the price of MCADE.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a revolutionary new project which is giving gamers greater control over their hobby. The project is building the largest play-to-earn (P2E) arcade of its kind, and in doing so will allow players of all stripes to generate an income stream while gaming.

Its comprehensive rewards system takes into account a variety of gaming styles, rewarding users interested in casual play and going all the way up to brutally competitive. It even incentivizes platform contributions, by rewarding activities such as writing game reviews or simply engaging with the community.

How Metacade works

Metacade is powered by the MCADE token, which is the currency of the entire ecosystem. The utility token provides a way to seamlessly fulfill rewards while also being used for value transfers across the platform. This means that the demand for MCADE is set to increase in line with user growth — just one of the reasons for the excitement among investors.

The tokenomics within the project exhibit signs of deliberate design choices to benefit investors, with the token having a limited supply of just 2 billion tokens, as well as extensive staking options for holders of MCADE. This allows long-term holders to establish a passive income stream as they help support the development of the project over time.

Metagrants is a feature that sums up the holistic strategic approach that the Metacade team is taking, by allowing game developers to present ideas and demos to the Metacade community. MCADE holders then vote on the projects they feel are worthy of funding from the Metacade treasury. This dramatically helps build engagement, increasing user growth and also retention by ensuring that the users themselves are at the heart of decision-making.

Can Avalanche knock Ethereum off the top spot?

Avalanche made great strides in 2021 as an alternative to Ethereum in the layer-1 protocol stakes. Since then, however, the project has seen momentum slow significantly which has affected the Avalanche price prediction. While the price has seen some positive movement already this year, the success of The Merge means that Avalanche will have to do even more to keep up with the market leader.

Should Avalanche see some big use cases come online, it could start to see adoption ramping up, and this is especially true when regulation kicks in and more enterprises find use cases for Web3 technology.

Metacade price prediction

Metacade seems destined to rocket up the charts, and many experts believe that because of the highly discounted prices available in the presale, it’s only a matter of time before a 50x takes the price of MCADE post-presale up to $1.

Other less impressive GameFi projects have already hit market cap highs of $10 billion despite relatively low user numbers and retention. If Metacade continues delivering on its roadmap, a $4 MCADE price could be achieved by the end of 2025 as user growth pushes demand for the MCADE token even higher.

Avalanche price prediction

Avalanche has made clear that it’s here to stay, but investors are questioning what is really a realistic AVAX price prediction. If the project is able to continue to support its passionate community through strong technical enhancements, many will be hoping for the AVAX price to rise from $18 to $30 in 2023. 

With the Bitcoin halving arriving in 2024, by the close of 2025 the price of AVAX could see a 5x from its current range, putting the token price at around $100.

Investors Should Pick Metacade

The Avalanche price prediction shows that Metacade is a far greater investment, and with the huge gains potentially on offer, the presale is likely to sell out extremely quickly. MCADE’s forecast is clearly more bullish than the Avalanche price prediction, and with so much potential in the Metacade project, all savvy investors are making the obvious choice.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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