Ghanaian art creator Kojo Marfo presents his own NFT series

Acclaimed Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo is presenting his own NFT series, CoinText learned from a press release. He will be collaborating with JD Malat Gallery to mint the collection. The minting will take place in April this year.

A powerful, impactful tool

Artwork is a powerful tool that can offer diverse views of controversial issues. His upcoming NFT collection highlights the ongoing evolution of society.

Marfo believes NFTs are the next frontier of communication for artists, forging a strong connection between the real and the virtual world.

The NFT collection was created through 250 characteristics, which generate unique NFTs. It is inspired by the artist’s origins in Ghana and by history.

A unique artistic style

Marfo uses traditional Akan art to highlight issues such as religion, spiritualism, politics, and inequality. His time and experience in New York and London helped him develop a unique style, which reflects his wide range of influences and ability to provide impactful social commentary through his art.

The renowned artist aims to send a message of hope and understanding to all potential and existing owners of his works: take the time to think, sit, and reflect on the journey we call life.

The three pillars of Marfo’s collection

There are three pillars in Marfo’s art: creative vision, charity, and the merger of the real and the digital. A share of the proceeds will be donated to charity. The artist’s preference is for children’s charities or support for people in risky situations.

NFTs will allow more people to access Marfo’s artwork and invest in it if they’re willing to. They also have the ability to reach previously inaccessible groups.

JD Malat supports emerging and established artists

JD Malat Gallery, which places emphasis on emerging and established artists, is helping make Kojo Marfo’s upcoming NFT collection possible. His works were praised highly at a recent art exhibit featuring a myriad of artists based in the U.K.

Established in London in 2017, JD Malat Gallery offers a constantly changing space for its artists and audience through a program of carefully curated year-round group and individual exhibitions. Artists, curators, and academics contribute to this process.

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