KuCoin NFT launch platform, KuCoin IGO, is live and Pikaster is the first project

KuCoin, a leading crypto exchange, on April 8th launched its NFT launch platform called KuCoin IGO. The platform will serve as a platform for IGOs – Initial Gaming Offerings – for NFT and blockchain gaming projects.

KuCoin IGO is intended to fuel growth in the metaverse, Web3, and blockchain gaming industry since KuCoin believes that gamification and NFTs will play a key role in the virtual worlds of the future. 

While announcing the launch of the IGO platform, KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu said:

“The metaverse is one of the most exciting topics of today, and a brand-new way of life in the near future. When both giants such as Meta, Amazon, and Tencent and wealthy investors such as Elon Musk are heavily investing money, talent, and technology into the metaverse, one must believe that this is going to be a historical trend that delivers a truly unique experience. GameFi and NFT will be the most typical entrances to the metaverse, which is a big reason why KuCoin launched the IGO platform. We hope to empower the development of web3.0 through KuCoin’s IGO, to dig more good GameFi projects and NFTs, and help the entire industry’s development.” 

The KuCoin IGO platform shall allow KuCoin users to gain access to in-game NFTs and benefit from a seamless centralized experience where they can purchase, invest and even withdraw their NFTs without having to switch platforms.

Those who purchase the NFTs can go ahead and trade/manage them on the exchange.

For game creators and developers, KuCoin IGO provides a range of ways for launching projects. They can choose to use flat-rate sales, auctions, or even mystery boxes.

Pikaster is the first project on KuCoin IGO

Three days after the launch of the NFT launch platform, Pikaster, a card-battle Play-to-Earn game, became the first NFT project to launch on the platform.

Pikaster is currently conducting a ‘Pikaster Original Eggs Round 2’ sale after completing ‘Pikaster Original Eggs Pre-Sale Round 1’. Afterward, it shall also conduct Evolved Pikaster auction before the official close date of 17th April.

Pikaster CMO Luffy had this to say:

“KuCoin has always been a company with lofty ambitions, and they are always watching for possible changes in the future. At the same time, KuCoin pays great attention to the value of the community and the value of users. This is completely consistent with our philosophy. So we think to cooperate with KuCoin and to launch IGO as the first project, our decision is completely correct. Pikaster is confident to bring new changes to the industry, both from a gaming perspective and from a revenue-generating perspective. That’s why we call ourselves ‘Truly-Play & Truly-Earn’”. 

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