Sneakmart brings Metakicks sneaker NFTs to the Metaverse

French startup Sneakmart is bringing its Metakicks sneaker NFTs to the Metaverse in 2022. These NFTs will allow users to unlock various benefits in the digital world and customize their virtual avatars, CoinText learned from a press release. 

A vision for the Metaverse

The company’s vision for the Metaverse is to tokenize real-world sneakers on the blockchain. Users can flaunt their kicks in a growing online ecosystem. 

What’s more, sneakers are becoming more and more popular as collectibles, confirming their universal appeal.

Highly compatible with NFT tech 

Sneakers are highly compatible with NFT technology. The NFT market is worth billions now and second-market sales are critical. These tokens will be a key component of the Web3 machine, letting fashion trends take on a digital nature. 

Sneakmart plans to render its app international, add unique features, and introduce new limited collections and long-term benefits for Metakicks owners. 

The team has 15 unique 3D-animated sneaker designs with different textures, shapes, materials, and colors and a 3D animated background. They will be sold through Metakicks boxes and come in different tiers of rarity: Rare, Super Rare, Epic, and Legendary.  

Reaching a global audience 

The tokenized sneakers will help Sneakmart reach a growing world audience of NFT fans and sneaker collectors. The holders of the NFTs will have access to new offers, derivative products, physical sneakers, etc. 

Partnership with StockX

Sneakmart has concluded an agreement with StockX, a global leader in streetwear. StockX will be the official physical sneaker partner for the first drop. 

In the upcoming drop, you can win the latest Jordan 1 High, Adidas Yeezy 350, Nike Dunk Low, and two pairs of Jordan 1 Dior. 

There are also two pairs of Jordans, created in collaboration with Travis Scott. Every tenth Mystery box buyer will win a prominent physical sneaker. 

Support from international soccer players 

Among those who will give the project a helping hand are Didier Droga, Kinsley Coman, and Marco Verratti, who created a unique edition of personalized Metakicks. The lucky owner will have access to VIP games, signed items, a meet and greet, and other perks.

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